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 Bandung Best TA Records

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PostSubject: Bandung Best TA Records   Bandung Best TA Records EmptyThu Oct 22, 2009 9:38 am

Disini buat rekor2 TA paling cepet se-Bandung.

Akina Lake CCW:
3'18"630 [CT9A Evo 7] =RIZA!!=
Akina Lake CW: 3'21"201 [CT9A Evo 7] =RIZA!!=

Myogi DH: 2'50"195 [CT9A Evo 7] =RIZA!!=
Myogi UH: 2'52"818 [FD3S] =RIZA!!=

Akagi DH: 2'48"774 [FD3S] =RIZA!!=
Akagi UH: 2'49"972 [FD3S] =RIZA!!=

Akina DH: 3'10"476 [FD3S] =RIZA!!=
Akina UH: 3'17"3xx [FD3S] =RIZA!!=

Irohazaka DH: 3'08"283 [FD3S] =RIZA!!=
Irohazaka UH: 3'10"817 [FD3S] =RIZA!!=

Happogahara OB: 3'06"270 [CT9A Evo 7] =RIZA!!=
Happogahara IB: 3'03"106 [FD3S] =RIZA!!=

Tsukuba OB: 3'04"896 [CT9A Evo 7] =RIZA!!=
Tsukuba IB: 3'06"482 [CT9A Evo 7] =RIZA!!=

Nagao DH: 3'14"652 [ZZW30] =RIZA!!=
Nagao UH: 3'20"152 [CT9A Evo 7] =RIZA!!=

Akina Lake CW:
Akina Lake CCW:

Myogi UH:
Myogi DH:

Akagi DH:
Akagi UH:

Akina DH:
Akina UH:

Irohazaka DH:
Irohazaka UH:

Happogahara OB:
Happogahara IB:

Tsukuba OB:
Tsukuba IB:

Nagao DH:
Nagao UH:
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PostSubject: Re: Bandung Best TA Records   Bandung Best TA Records EmptyWed Oct 20, 2010 10:08 am

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Bandung Best TA Records
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